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A Walk On The Red Carpet

Mark this date!  Our annual spring show will be held on March 26, 2022 at 2 PM in the San Tan Cottonwood Ballroom.  We will be performing “A Walk on the Red Carpet”.   This show is jam packed with music and possible surprise announcements as each winning song is introduced to the audience.

Like all red carpet award shows, ours will feature award winning songs.  Songs that received an Emmy, Oscar or Tony.  A brief description of songs in these catagories and where they are from will be read first before opening the envelope and revealing the winning tune.  Think you can figure it out before the title is read?  For those sleuths out there, you will enjoy this activity as the show carries on.

Tickets will be on sale in February and are priced at just $16.  You may purchase them at the Administrative Building in Cottonwood or see a Chordaire member for more ticket info/purchases.